Edition 29— Ayana Mack, Graphic Designer, and Artist

“You can make your entire life full of art.”

Ayana Mack arrives at the EpiCenter in striking red-framed glasses and a sleek professional get-up

When I emailed Ayana Mack to schedule an alumni interview, her response was prompt; I got a reply the next day — Ayana would be free only five times that month.

We agreed on a far-out day, although I was skeptical we’d…

Edition 28 — Adrian Romero, Illustrator

Knowledge Is The Key

Adrian Romero didn’t have a drawing portfolio, so he rapped.

In 2012, Adrian Romero was searching for a summer job when he came across Artists For Humanity through the Boston Youth Fund.

“When I looked at the job listing it seemed like a very cool job to be paid to make art and get…

Edition 27 — Nyviana Colon

A Ripple Effect

Colon pictured as an adult.

One day in class, Nyviana Colon observed the Tweety Bird printed on the front of her agenda book. Bored with the lesson at hand, she decided to try drawing it. Her sketch came out better than she’d expected — she’d discovered that…

Edition 26 — Lena Yee

A Second Home

A teenage Yee pictured at AFH.

When Lena Yee was little, her father asked her to draw pictures for him. In middle school, she experimented with graffiti and taught herself web design. And in 2009, as a sophomore at West Roxbury Academy, she learned that a nonprofit called…

Edition 25— Mattaya Fitts, Visual Artist and Muralist

Good Surprises

Mattaya Fitts can’t imagine herself not painting. (Photo by Ally Schmaling)

There’s a big misconception out there about artists: to create art is a decision they made, a chosen occupation. The truth is most artists don’t choose to make art for a living, they just can’t imagine themselves doing anything else.

Mattaya Fitts’…

Edition 24 — Théry Badin

A New Perspective

Badin pictured as a teen at AFH.

Coming from a strict Caribbean household as a first generation immigrant, 14 year old Théy Badin was a brilliant student. He excelled in subjects like math and science and took part in multiple extracurriculars including STEM camps in the summer and Certamen…

Edition 23 — Stephanie Wu

A Collective Community

Wu pictured at AFH as an Exhibitions Intern.

While Stephanie Wu was drawing long before she’d ever heard of Artists For Humanity, AFH is where she first discovered what it means to have an artist community. Now, as a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a…

Edition 21—Stephen Cronin

A Family That Spreads

Of all things, t-shirts are what brought Stephen Cronin to Artists For Humanity’s doors.

Introduced to the program through a family friend who had previous children involved in the program, Cronin came to AFH in search of their Screen Printing Studio.

“I think…

Edition 20 — Aristotle Forrester

In Real Time

Forrester spends the day in his studio.

Aristotle Forrester has been surrounded by art all his life; his mother is a visual artist and he began painting in the first grade. “I was making paintings in school instead of learning how to do math,” he laughed.

Forrester grew up…

Artists For Humanity


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