Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

‘Mirror Image’
Ali pictured as an adult.

“One of my earliest memories is me sitting down writing stories and having the most imaginative scenarios and narratives.”

Ali pictured as an AFH teen.
Ali in the AFH Painting Studio.

“I think one of the most important lessons that I’ve ever learned is that everything can be broken down into shapes.”

Ali’s paintings with ‘Sumi orange.’
‘Sacred Gold’ illustrates human integration into the cycle of heaven and earth.
“After a couple of hours of painting, I feel more at peace with the world and myself.”

“You can ask them the simplest questions like ‘Hey, how do I even press the start button?’”

‘New Light’
“I finally have my own studio space where I can be messy and free.”

“I’m not so much focused on the outcome. I’m focused on the process and on my students leaving and feeling more whole.”

“Keep painting. Just keep painting and painting,” Ali would tell her teen self.



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