Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Always Growing

Anna Tsui’s smile and personality shine through our pixelated video call.

“Growth. We were always growing. We were moving. There was always a momentum.”

Anna Tsui was a teen at Artists For Humanity almost 20 years ago, in 2001, yet she can still describe her experiences with clarity and attention to the organization’s dynamic energy. Although the interview’s video quality is limited, Anna Tsui’s smile and personality shine through the pixelated screen.

Anna started a company that specializes in helping business owners reach their potential.
“There was fine art, and street art, we learned about all these different kinds of art.”
Anna with Young Women Incorporated, a studio exclusively for teen girls.
Anna presenting at an innovation conference. Her clients include Harvard University, Hill Holiday, and PwC, among others.
Beyond the unique business model of AFH, Anna gained other invaluable insights — her profound appreciation for the arts being one of them.

“Make deeper connections. I was a teen artist so I thought, who cares about me? But really, if I’m looking back, you’re a young artist that people want to support.”

“I wish I had even connected with the leadership team and talked more about my future, different areas that I could explore in terms of taking it to another level and having more conversations with other people. I wish I had done more networking.”

Anna recalls commuting in the freezing winters, hip-hop blasting in the hot summers, and sharing snacks at the South Station food court with all of her AFH friends.

Though both Anna and AFH have evolved, the unique and exciting vibe of AFH is undeniably recognizable at the heart of these transformations. The same can be said for Anna.

Teenage Anna, at far right, with her friends from AFH.



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