Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Frenell Jean-Georges pictured in his paint studio. (Image courtesy of Jonathan Turner)
One of Jean-Georges’s paintings from his time at AFH.
A teenage Jean-Georges pictured in the Painting Studio.

“I felt really good about selling my own painting. Being a 15-year old male from the inner city, it was empowering,” he said.

He also was excited about earning $400 from the commission.

Another painting by a teenage Jean-Georges.

“We got to watch a lot of greatness around us,” he said.

He remembered an event Gibbs organized with his rap crew called “Doing it in the Park.” The event combined rap battles with basketball tournaments, graffiti, and breakdancing competitions. While the event was not held through AFH, Jean-Georges said the organization was the reason behind why he was exposed to these types of art.

More work from Jean Georges’s time in the Painting Studio.



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