Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

“I definitely remember SWAT [Jason Talbot],” Cronin said, noting how the warmth of the welcome and the people are what stood out most about his first impression. “He was very friendly and open, he made me feel very welcome. I think I was pretty shy back then and a little nervous but already on that first day, SWAT came over and said ‘What’s up?’”

Cronin’s stint in the Painting Studio was brief. While all teens are required to complete a 36-hour apprenticeship training, he found himself taking the initiative and going to speak with Claudia about transferring to the Graphic Design Studio.

Learning about Pantone colors in the Graphics department
Stephen at the tryouts for the 2009 Adobe Cut & Paste tournament
The web department in 2011 led by Gabriel Tirado.

“I joined when I was 14 and everyone’s life changes a lot in four years,” he said. “For me, I made tons of friends through AFH and there are generations of AFH teens. I think it’s a very positive thing. People always have ties to it.”

Hanging out at GPOE with fellow AFH graduates turned mentors

“Tech is in everything now! I’m really trying to make [the studio] open and push the teens to find what they want to do.”

Cronin believes that the skillset the Creative Technology Studio offers has the power to bring artistic visions to life and hopes that the studio’s projects will encourage collaboration with other studios.“The happiest I’ve been at work is when I pair up with another designer and help someone else’s idea come to fruition.”



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