Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Junia Ryan notices the influence of art and design everywhere.
Junia’s paintings from AFH. She attended Boston Latin Academy and
AFH Painting Studio (Photo by AFH).
Junia’s concept design for the Boston Marathon, made during college.

“There was this fear of, ‘What’s going to happen now?’”

Junia’s concept design for Scooperb, made during college.
Designs for the Crown Royal Mother’s Day Program (Photo by TracyLocke).
Junia worked with Vanguard Industries to bring the medal’s design to life (Photo by TracyLocke).

“You’re putting a lot of weight on your shoulders to represent your community well, to keep that opportunity, and open the door for someone behind you.”

Junia at the ADDY awards ceremony, where the Bulleit Bourbon Art Direction campaign won a gold prize. (Photo by TracyLocke)
Eighteen-year-old Junia didn’t know she’d be making a life-changing decision by studying communication design.





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