Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

A self-portrait by Ludgy Jean-Baptiste.
Jean-Baptiste working in the Painting Studio at AFH.

He remembered, “It felt almost like a cheat code. A new path opened up and I saw I had more options than I had believed.”

A teenage Jean-Baptiste pictured at AFH.
The cover of COMIXSCAPE Volume 1, one of Jean-Baptiste’s books.

“I came to realize that a lot of this comes down to the ability to connect with people in an effective way,” he said.

The logo for XSCAPIST PRESS, the printing press Jean-Baptiste runs and has self-published his books under.

“I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to put these things together and collaborate with others without the foundation I got at AFH,” he said.

One of Jean-Baptiste’s recent comics.
Jean-Baptiste today!





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