Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

A Fire Artist

Jameel drew cartoons he saw on TV and doodles in his notebooks during class.
Jameel says that AFH tutoring services have only gotten better since he first participated.

“It was like ripping off the bandaid — but I’m very appreciative of it. Without it, I would not have graduated.”

Jameel visiting his alma mater with teens from AFH.

“I thought, this is my first one. Let me try harder, to do better in the next piece and the next piece.

“I always try to do the same with my students, to not always give them positive feedback. I always try to give them both sides.”
“Sugar Water” 48 x 72. Acrylic on canvas.
“Too Much Sauce” 38 x 60. Acrylic on canvas. Jameel and Kitauna’s collaborative piece.

“Because of my confidence in my work, I always wanted people to see it. I wanted to feel like other people think I’m as great as I think I am.”

Jameel looks back on the lessons he learned at AFH as a teenager.
Jameel’s figurative paintings, which demonstrate both an understanding of painting techniques and a willingness to learn.



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