Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

“Ownership of your ideas, ownership of your actions, understanding that your actions have meaning.”

“You’re talking to one of the first women of color leading the security task force. What are you going to ask her? You have to think about these things because your questions, they matter.”

Alexandra Paul with Juliette Kayyem for AFH’s published interview series, “Strictly Business: Women of Influence.”
Self Portrait by Alexandra Paul (left). Alexandra Paul in the AFH Graphic Design studio (right).
AFH Graphic Design studio back in 2017.

“The most important lesson that Claudia always taught me was about respect — taking care of yourself is taking care of your work.”

“Every week, whenever we would get our paychecks, Claudia would walk down the hall, place them all on our desks and thank each one of us individually for our hard work.”

An image from “Young Thug as Paintings” exhibition, Art Basel 2018

“I’m interested in public art because it’s not necessarily targeting people who want to see art or people who are actively going to museums. The majority of the public doesn’t feel comfortable within those institutions and within those spaces.

It’s not just about bringing them in; it’s about how to engage and work with them to make them feel welcome in that space. It’s what I love about working in public spaces — art is free and it’s accessible.”

Alexandra Paul reflects on how Artists For Humanity is able to successfully engage the youth, especially during her own time in the program. She ultimately appreciates all the ways in which AFH granted her the agency to pursue her individual goals: the choice to do graphics, encouragement from mentors, college-level classes, and her favorite initiative, “Strictly Business: Women of Influence.”

Alexandra Paul with Martha Coakley for AFH’s published interview series, “Strictly Business: Women of Influence.”

“I experienced agency for the first time at Artists For Humanity because the program gave me a platform, the tools, the trust and the power to own something, to make it my own, and to be accountable for it. AFH helped me affirm that art is essential to forming our perception of society, and as visual gatekeepers, we are granted the power to define and depict our actualizations of the world.”

She is really excited to be continuing her lifelong ethos of supporting cultural dialogue in communities. “I only produce projects that I believe in and stand for, and truly believe they can impact our society in a positive direction through conversation.”



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