Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

“A Sense of Who I Am”

Will Lutz enjoys the precision and process of machining.
The Digital Fabrication Lab, where Will helps researchers apply their ideas to the machinery and equipment (Photo by Will Lutz).
Will’s workspace at Formlabs
Will Lutz (2022)
“There was paint splattered everywhere… Everybody had left their mark there.”

“It felt undeniably different. I can imagine myself asking, ‘What are adults doing here? Are there grownups here or is it a place where us kids come to mess around and have fun?’”

Teens at AFH in its first decade
Jason Talbot aka SWAT, Co-Founder (left) and Warren Fitzgerald, 3D Mentor (right).
An AFH gallery opening during Will’s time at AFH
Teens who come to AFH feel seen and recognized as individuals.

“It felt like a triumph to be recognized. I hadn’t had many experiences of that throughout life.”

“AFH provided me with some things I didn’t feel like I was getting on the outside — a sense of legitimacy and a sense of who I am.”





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