Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Before the EpiCenter, Artists For Humanity called an eclectic warehouse space on A Street home.
Artists For Humanity group photo, 1997
Left to Right: The old AFH studios on A Street; Backman painting a mural in the space as a teenager.
Daniel Backman’s “Forward Slash Furlough,” collage on paper

“ It was the first time I had walked into an art studio and seen work that I identified with. I was like ‘Ah! This is what I want to do’. ”

Let to Right: Backman at work; Rendering of Burbank Auditorium project at Santa Rosa Junior College.
Backman leading a project meeting for a theatre renovation project.
“Camper Vandal,” collage on paper

Backman’s graduate thesis at Berkeley was a study to recreate the AFH model in the Bay Area with a large focus on how artists shape their own physical studio space and environment.

Backman at the opening of his solo show “Infrastruction” at Hallway Gallery, Jamaica Plain.

“Boston was a very different place in the mid-90s. It was a much more dangerous and tough place to be a kid. AFH brought us into a safe space where we could be really creative, could contribute, and be pushed towards something better. “

“SpaceShift,” collage on paper





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Artists For Humanity

Artists For Humanity


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