Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Film photography developed by Leong during her time as an AFH participant.

“AFH was a little different. It was very artsy in that it was a warehouse that used to be occupied by a giant printing company,” Leong said, remembering the old location.

Artists For Humanity’s former studio space.
Photograph by Brenda Leong.

“I really liked the fact that I had to manually put in the film reel, take it out, print it, and get it all set up again. That and being able to hear the mechanics and all the hardware moving, those were my favorite parts, just the whole process.”

Photograph by Brenda Leong.

“I was always looking at magazines of interior spaces: looking at all the colors and the patterns and how it all came together.”

Brenda working in the studio as a teen.

“Eventually, I just learned to accept that I couldn’t be too precise about my art practice—I was just starting out.”

Brenda with her Studio in a School Summer Interns, 2018.
Brenda taught the Studio in a School interns how to store, ship, catalogue, and curate works of art.
Brenda interfaces with a client on-site. Behind them, AFH paintings are displayed.
As Artists For Humanity’s Curator/Exhibitions Manager, Brenda curates exhibitions both on and off-site.

Leong hopes the unique learning opportunity that AFH offers, and the intellectual and creative freedom that come with it, continues to inspire the community of AFH while opening pathways for teens.

Brenda with Natalie and Jake Lemle, who later became AFH board members.

“This collective success story is what made me realize that art is really what I want to do.”

Photo by Gesi Schilling.



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