Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Knowledge Is The Key

Adrian Romero didn’t have a drawing portfolio, so he rapped.
Adrian’s art is heavily influenced by his love of music.
Adrian was surprised to discover his creative side at AFH.

“I didn’t think I was that creative until I started painting stuff. Then it was like, ‘Whoa I have so many ideas now.’”

The first painting Adrian sold as an AFH teen employee.
Adrian with Rob Gibbs, AFH Co-Founder, and Painting Studio Mentor.
“Sting Like a Killa Bee”—a piece Adrian created for a Wu-Tand Clan art exhibit, 2015.

“I looked for open-minded kids who were really about making art.”

”Untitled” 2018—Watercolor painting by Adrian Romero

“I would like to be in my 50s and still see AFH developing a community of young artists and designers in Boston, continuing to provide creative employment opportunities and an outlet for creative expression.”



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