Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Colon pictured as an adult.

“I’m an all around multi-purpose artist… Any form of art, if I put my mind to it, I’m going to kill it — no matter what it is. I’ve always been creative.”

“AFH is a welcoming and freeing environment that I’ve learned to keep with me.”

Colon’s first piece from the Painting Studio at AFH.

“[Without AFH], I don’t even know where I would be, to be honest. And it’s not just AFH and what they provided, it was the people that helped to provide it. That made a difference in my life.”

A self-portrait by Nyviana Colon.

“Learning punctuality, time management, financial literacy, and all the things I unfortunately did not learn at home, stemmed from AFH.”

A self-portrait by Nyviana Colon.

“Ever since I did AFH and then I went on to Year Up, it’s just been success after success, accomplishment after accomplishment.”

“I can’t wait till they say it’s the 60 year anniversary of AFH, or that it’s been around for 200 years.”

One of Colon’s works from the Painting Studio at AFH.





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