Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

A teenage Waldron works on one of the many paintings she created while at AFH.

“I always felt welcome there. I went from school to AFH to home, and that was my life, even sometimes on weekends,” Waldron explained.

Waldron with other AFH teens in the Painting Studio.

“Being [at AFH] was a complete game changer for me and my life,” she said.

Waldron also clearly remembers other moments of growth, such as selling art at AFH’s Greatest Party on Earth (the organization’s largest annual fundraising event) or live painting at other events that AFH was hosting. She said, “The exposure itself was very enriching. If you seized every chance, you really got to push yourself.” She added that much of the growth was self-directed: “No one forced you to do anything. But I always wanted to do more, succeed more, be more. They saw that, and they were like okay, here’s more.”



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