Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Will Wiggins pictured as an adult.
One of Wiggins’s many sketches from his time at AFH.

“There was always something new to learn and to experience,” Wiggins remembered.

One of Wiggins’s pieces from his time in the Painting Studio.

He said, “A lot of my mentors were friends too, because we grew up in the ‘hood’, we grew up nerdy and loving video games and pop art and hip-hop music.”

Wiggins had, and still maintains, especially close relationship with Gibbs and Talbot. “The two of them are my rocks. Rob [Gibbs] used to give me haircuts and drive me home. He’s like my brother now,” he said.

Some of Wiggins’s more recent work.
Wiggins co-emceed AFH’s “Greatest Party on Earth” fundraising event in 2016.



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