Alumni Stories: “Where Are They Now?”

Little By Little

Regnier is a fashion designer based in New York City.

“Everyone had the same energy; that was a huge thing for me. Back then, I was too young to have any sense of that importance.”

A creative spirit runs in her family, and not just because AFH co-founder Jason Talbot is her cousin. Her father enjoyed painting in his free time; her mother was an innovative teacher.

Regnier’s interest in fashion was encouraged by Photography Studio mentor, John Brewer.
Modeled by Sonya Teclai (Photo by Alex Woodhouse).

“Sometimes artists don’t understand the business side of [the fashion world]. I love being the person that can help others execute their projects and not lose their integrity.”

It’s no wonder that Regnier’s proudest moment at AFH was painting a large, hefty wooden door. From clothing design to experiential marketing, she has a knack for transforming grand ideas into reality.

(Photo by Bessie Lacap).
Modeled by Dominique Drakeford (Photo by Rico Marcelo).

“It’s not perfect, but our motto is ‘Little By Little,’ and we start somewhere.”

Modeled by Sonya Teclai. (Photo by Alex Woodhouse).
Left: photo by Bessie Lacap; Right: photo by Rico Marcelo.



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